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Photography Shooting Packages - Capture Every Moment

Tailored Photoshoots to Immortalize Your Memories

Shooting Packages:

  • Mini Session: Starting at 40€, our mini session is perfect for quick, yet meaningful captures.
  • Full Experience: For a comprehensive 1h30 session that dives deep into your story, choose our Complete Package for 150€.

Print Options to Cherish:

  • Classic Impressions: Choose from A3 at 20€, A4 at 15€, and more for timeless prints.
  • Professional Prints: Elevate to A2 size for 45€ or select from our other professional sizes for wall-worthy art.
  • Digital Plus: Add a digital copy for an additional 3€ per photo, ensuring your moments are always at hand.

Complete Session Details:

  • Receive 10 high-quality 10cm/15cm prints plus a classic A4 print.
  • Your entire session is delivered on your USB key for everlasting memories.

Quality You Can See and Feel: We pride ourselves on delivering prints that not only capture moments but also the emotion and story behind each photograph.

Book Your Moment: Schedule your session today and let us craft a personal narrative through our lenses – one that you'll look back on for years to come.

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